Greek Wedding Traditions

Introducing with the Greek wedding

Weddings in Greece are rich in religious symbolism, plenty of dancing and great food. Each part of Greece has its own customs, which are very colorful and charm. There are so different in every area, but we chose a sample of atypical Greek wedding. Perhaps some of them will give you inspiration and ideas for organizing your own wedding!

Before the wedding ceremony

The more liked wedding tradition is the Laying of the bed. It is organizing the big feast during the laying the bed of the future couple, it is laying be the young free girls with white linen and white blanket. The family friends let their children to layer the bed with sweet almonds, rice and … money to bring fertility, prosperity, economic stability and happy life to the couple!

In Greece, all the mothers begin to prepare the dowry to their daughters from the birth. The fathers try to build the house where the couple will live after the wedding.

The eve of the wedding (it is always going on Friday or on Saturday in the evening) – is “nifostoli” (in translating is the bride’s jewelry). This preparing includes all free (unmarried) girls that decorate the house of the bride with a dowry: embroidered quilts and pillows, linens. There are all relatives in the house of bride. The bed of the couple is decorated with flowers and coins.

Day of wedding – the girls dress up the bride. The bride writes on the soles of her shoes names ofunmarried girlfriends, the girl, whose name will be erased first, will getting wedding soon. Relatives and friends of the groom go to his house for “shaving” of the future husband. After the “shaving”, this whole process is accompanied by the groom to the church, where he will wait for his bride; brother of the bride is going to warn that everyone is waiting for her arrival. And here comes a car and drove up the bride, and followed by young children, usually girls, “paranifakya” dressed in a white dress accordingly. The bride’s father brings her to the church, and at this time around are heard loud applause. The father sends his daughter into the hands of a happy bridegroom.
It should be noted that the process of marriage in church is very beautiful. After the ceremony the young couple is showered with rice, symbolizing wealth. When everyone is going out the church he has a special wedding gift “bombonieres”.

Feast (“Glenda”) is held, usually in a restaurant & hotels with a “live” music. The first who start dancing is bride and groom. On stage is a huge wedding cake, and after the first dance the bride and groom cut this cake, feed each other, and his godmother a cake with a spoon, drink champagne and brotherhood, of course, dancing till dawn. There is a very interesting ceremony, when on stage together with the bride come out to dance only unmarried guys. During the dance the bride throws her handkerchief in a circle. It is believed that whoever catches this handkerchief will soon marry. The day after the wedding the couple goes to the honeymoon, and where they go should remain in secret. None should know that the groom “took” the bride. The first year after the wedding, the bride is protected from experience, are not allowed to go to the funeral and even have a memorial Christmas pudding.

The Meanings of Wedding Symbols