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The island Kos is entirely covered with greenery has charming beaches, the most beautiful scenery and a rich history. The island generously offers visitors a wide range of modern hotels, entertainment options, restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars and historical and cultural monuments.

Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of western medicine. Doctors from all over the world come here every year to participate in the recitation of theHippocratic Oath at the Holy place Asclepeion, where taught and worked the great physician. In the homeland of Hippocrates, each year are held global health conferences in several conference centres of the island.

Kos has an international airport serving charter flights from Athens, other major cities of Greece and Europe. There is a daily connection with Piraeus, island Rhodes and several other Dodecanese islands.


Country Greece
Visa requirementsViza
Languages spokenGreece
Area (km2)1

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Sightseeing in Kos - Things to Do - Asclepeion, one of the most well-known centers of antiquity, is situated in a beautiful location, on a hill with streams and cypress groves. - In the centre of the town of Kos you can see the sycamore tree of Hippocrates. According to the legend, under this tree Hippocrates taught students medicine and made his medical records. - Take a walk through the hospital wards and ancient baths, among the sacred altars and statues, which adorn the porticoes, visit the sanctuary of the god-physician Asclepius and admire the beautiful mosaics and of course, visit the temple itself. - The International Organization of Hippocrates in Kos has at its disposal a library with some of the oldest scientific medical treatises, a conference center and the Museum of Medicine. - The town center is a real open-air museum... here is revealed the glorious history of the island. Roads, temples, baths, gym, ancient workshops... all these is the ancient town, that played a significant role in the Greek world. - The town of Kos harmoniously combines ancient and modern features: a blend of cultures with castles and mosques, modern public buildings, parks and squares, luxury shops and intense nightlife with night-clubs, taverns, pubs and cafes.Sports and nature image

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On the green slopes of Mt. Dikaio you can find the small village Zia with white houses and churches, tiled walkways, chestnut trees and babbling brooks. Make a stop here to enjoy the famous sunset and views of the surrounding islands and the coast of Asia Minor. - On Kos you will find one of the most modern and well-equipped vessel anchorages in Aegean Sea, which can accommodate up to 400 yachts.Nightlife image

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Kos on bike: Great way to get acquainted with the island. Kos has many bike paths. We recommend you to visit the well-preserved knight's castle, through a palm alley, perhaps the most beautiful alley of Greece. - Here you will definately find the beach of your dreams. Popular beaches with cafes, bars and water sports centers, beautiful and quiet bays, where you can escape from hustle and bustle of daily routine, even in the peak of the tourist season… You can also find beaches with big waves, perfect for windsurfing lovers. - The amazing beach of St. Stephen near Kefalo, is considered the best place of the island for scuba diving and windsurfing. A few hundred meters from the coast, is the islet Castries with the blue churche of St. Nicholas.Culture and history image

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