ACHATIS - 150x40Have you decided to arrange your wedding in Lesvos?

Let experienced Nikiforos and Nelly stylists take care of your reception!

Our company “Achatis” will take care of your jewels and décor! Qualified masters of “Nikiforos and Nelly” artistic jewellery will make all necessary celebration accessories for your engagement, wedding or christening. Celebrate this important event according to the Greek traditions!

We are Nikiforos and Nelly, a husband and wife team, and have been designing and creating jewelry for over 20 years now. We are from Greece and we live on the island of Lesvos. Our aim is to create fascinating and long-lasting jewels.

We usually prefer semi precious stones such as garnet, amber, lapis lazuli, coral, amethyst, agates like carnelian, turquoise, but also precious stones such as rubies, pearls, and opals.

We intend to integrate the stones in the design, trying to enhance the beauty of the jewel. Most of our jewelry is 925 silver, but several designs combine silver with 18 carat gold. Also, there is some gold jewelry.

Precious metals, particularly silver, have an inner glow of their own which no technique or treatment can fully liberate.

Only when they are worn do jewels show their real identity…

Our work…

Our designs are inspired by the Byzantine period of Hellenism but inspiration and the idea did not come into molds so our plans have the simplicity and harmony of the classical period, the simplicity and sensitivity of folk craftsmen of the 18th century, combination of technical and freehand drawing of the modern era. Our aim is to create jewelry with love.

Apart from the usual jewelry complete sets (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings) or individual pieces, we build and key rings, begleria, beads, cufflinks, wedding crowns, small boxes and honorary plaques.

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