Images by Nikiforos

The most significant break-through in portrait and wedding art photography in Greeceare rooted in Paris. Having studied political economy and theatre in his beloved New York,Nikiforos makes his first acquaintance with the greatest portrait photographers and photo reporters of the 20th century in the art galleries of the City of Light and decides to dedicate his life to photography.

He feels above all that portrait photography is actually a rare moment of communication;an instant of emotional exchange, high intensity and mutual recognition. Faithful to these beliefs, Nikiforos shows a true commitment to recording time going by, to capturing the slightest clock ticking, and to seizing life itself, its fragrance and sound.

He realizes soon that he has developed a very personal touch, which gives an unusual dimension and interpretation to movements, glances, even to accidental “mistakes”, elements that start to play a leading part in his work.

After his return to Greece, he successfully leads the management of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Photographic Services.

In the meantime, he begins a unique series of portraits featuring famous personalities from Greece and abroad (Luciano Benetton, Roberto Benigni, Jane Birkin, Pierre Cardin, Cassel & Cassel, Nadia Comaneci, Paulo Coelho, Faye Dunaway, Gerard Depardieu, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jean Michel Jarre and many others), and to work for local and international periodical press.

Then he decides to launch a creative team called colorstories+thekid, which is a fully original initiative in the Greek photo world, specialising in portrait, art photography and documentary photojournalism.  In this way, Nikiforos established his own style and people embraced it from the first moment. Through his shots, they realized that only trueness can give an image an eternal shine and heart-moving look.

At the same time he begins a most memorable photographic experience in the magic world of classical ballet and dance performances in general.  So it’s only natural that Nikiforos and the colorstories+thekid team need to share with you their passion for strong images and soul-revealing photos.

So, please be our guests!

Visit our fully equipped studio, where our own team is editing and processing itself our photographic material. Watch step by step how we create our well-known slide-shows, video-montages, art video-clips and digital album lay-outs.

All photo creations bear the personal touch of Nikiforos and the colorstories+thekid team.

Join us at the colorstories+thekid studio to discuss with us how you can make your own photo session an unforgettable and utterly unique experience with film-like shots.

Enjoy the real portraits of your own going-by moments.

See your own life through a fugitive glance, full of magic!

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