Eleni Dona is a famous destination wedding & event photographer.

Based in Athens, she can provide photography services all over Greece or everywhere around the world. She is the owner of Montaz Productions, a wedding photography studio and has many years of professional experience and may provides you the necessary services you wish to have for your special day! Eleni Dona can provide you with high quality services, as pre-wedding photo sessions, coverage of the wedding ceremony and reception, as well as after wedding photography. She can use digital equipment, or medium format cameras use of equipment, depends from where the wedding is located.

→ About Eleni Dona …..the female side of photography and her unique feelings….

Wedding photography fills you with unique feelings, with feelings of joy, truth, they overwhelm you.

I have had the great honor to share such feelings through my lens with many couples.

One gets overwhelmed when the father delivers the bride to her future husband while the mother sees the couple bursting with joy and it brings tears to her eyes.

You feel glad to see people, relatives and friends smiling and experiencing this unparalleled day together….

Wedding photography is all about feelings I capture with my camera!

Many people ask me how I can “nose out” these moments.

The truth is I don’t perceive them by the eye.

I follow my heart…that the way, truth and love unfolds!

– If you were to ask me about my style of wedding photography for sure my answer would be, that it is extraordinary, trying to catch the feelings and emotions of your wedding day.

And have in your mind, that wedding is not only ceremony.

– Your special day starts from the bride’s house, where she will be dressed, to the ceremony and to the reception.

– But it is not finishing there.

– Every day, your wedding day will be live with you, when you are looking your perfect wedding photos.

You will be able to look at the photos in years to come and the same emotions in your heart will be as they do today.

I can best describe my photography, as photojournalistic, looking and searching for emotions and moments.
Choosing the right wedding photographer for your big event is an art!

If you are looking for everlasting memories, going out from photos, then contact me today.

I will be really happy to answer any and all your questions and discuss all the details of the most beautiful day of your life… your wedding day…

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