Il Mondo “means” the world “. A world created with effort and passion, to house, inviting your own special moments: wedding and christening receptions, conferences, workshops and seminars, kids parties and school events, as well as any other social event searches for a stylish but warm space for its accomplish.
“Il Mondo” will beat you at first glance, when you see it dominating, and special in the beautiful location of the beach of Megara. The marine component is an integral part of the identity our space. The cool breeze and the feeling of escape, from the routine of the town, that this implies, helps to create a climate of serenity and fullness you can hardly find elsewhere. Parallel with the beauty of the site is and the inner beauty of “Il Mondo”.
Based on principles of balance and harmony is decorating luxury in the context of high aesthetics, without however depriving the the room warmth and intimacy.

Wedding Receptions
After the emotion and intense emotional load of the wedding the ceremony, followed by a reception, to offer the couple and guests a feeling of relaxation and loads of fun. In “Il Mondo “, daily fight to offer you both in maximum extent, with quality services and specialized personnel tailored to your needs.
Savour the refined tastes of our menu, clean and quality our drinks, indulge in the pampering of our people, enjoy fearlessly dancing and music! We put the best possible conditions. You, you put the fun, sincere love and happy mood.
Social events
For those times when you want to share things and situations, to make a private or professional event and generally to organize a social event, the first name that will should that comes to mind is “Il Mondo”!
We give you the opportunity to take advantage of the variety of our services as well as our beautiful space with view of the sea and what we ask is the following: take advantage of your creative potential, imagine how you would like to be your event and we will be happy to work on your ideas, we will enrich and will make reality.
Christening Receptions
• Children’s Parties

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