For any special event, celebration, wedding, or corporate function, begin your plans with “Tentstyle”.

The company “Tentstyle”– always close to the most important personal and professional moments of each partner – undertakes and offers the appropriate equipment for hosting outdoor events and activities regardless of weather conditions.
With a wide range of products, such as waterproof awnings, (white or transparent) floors, dance tracks, cooling-heating systems, lighting, and even generators, the renowned staff can transform an outdoor space into a fully-housed room.
The services are implemented in events of weddings, christenings, parties, inauguration, corporate conferences, exhibition kiosks, sports events, outdoor gala, catering even in space extensions, balconies or pergolas.
The dimensions provided by these banqueting tents vary from 3.00 m x 3.00 m to 12.00 m x 21.00 m. Combining various shapes of awnings can create any dimension we desire.
With proprietary modern equipment as well as specially trained staff, Tent Style transforms your outdoor space in a minimal time into a well-designed and hospitable environment for any kind of event.

∞ Specializing In Weddings

Every wedding is a unique expression of the bridal couple’s personalities and wishes. Whether you are hosting a large group of family and friends or an intimate gathering of the most important people in your lives, we have everything you need to create an unforgettable and extraordinary day.
We offer a full range of exquisite wedding rental inventory and décor. Stunning white marquee tents, soft accent lighting and dance floors, custom-made bartending counters, outdoor heaters, and elegant aisle ways create the perfect space for your celebration. Each and every bridal couple is provided with exceptional personalized assistance and our execution is flawless, ensuring that you are able to relax and enjoy your day.


>WHITE TENTS – A wide variety of square, rectangular white awnings that cover every need. The basic dimensions in white awnings with extensions per 1.50 meter are:

  • 3.00 x 3.00m to 3.00×21.00m
  • 4.50 x 4.50m to 4.50×21.00m
  • 6,00 Χ 6,00 m to 6,00 Χ 21,00m
  • 9,00 x 9,00m to 9,00 Χ 21,00m
  • 12,00 x 12,00m to 12,00 Χ 21,00m

>TRANSPARENT TENTS – With these outdoor awnings, you have full coverage of the weather without sacrificing the view. The basic dimensions with extensions per 1.50 meters are:

  • 3.00m x 3.00m to 3.00m x 18.00m
  • 4.50m x 4.50m to 4.50m x 18.00m
  • 6,00m x 6,00m to 6,00m x 21,00m
  • 7,50m x 7,50m to 7,50m x 18,00m
  • 9,00m x 9,00m to 9,00m x 21,00m
  • 12,00m x 12,00m to 12,00m x 21,00m

>ROUND TENTS – white dome-shaped awnings 8.00 m diameter
>SAFARI TENTS – Awnings of 4,00m Χ 6,00m with wooden frame in a natural color and waterproof fabric of beige color. They offered for children’s events, thematic parties and christenings.
>HEATING-COOLING-VENTILATION: Possibility of cooling-heating or only ventilation with mobile units where needs require it.


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