“Tselios” Explicit times, unique narrative!


When Nikos Tselios, the grandfather, took his camera and tripod on his back and going round the villages of Attica, photography was something difficult for people of this time.

So, every time they were wearing their best clothes, every Sunday morning or at some feast, were running to the photographer for a commemorative photo.

Over the years the photography made easy and accessible to all, to come up today to tumble to “auto” and to be technically perfect.

So the term “clear photographs” it should be for the professional photographer, insult rather than praise.

The efforts of our Studio are seeing the day of your wedding or the christening of your child with another glimpse and create images with artistic approach and emotion.

It’s a shame, on this particular day were the costs are so high into things that last for a while, to come up with tedious photos and monotonously similar.

The “Tselios” Studio founded in 1945 and since then provides its services regularly, thanks to its aesthetics and his professionalism.

Today it offers studios at 4 points in Athens.

Tselios weddings team guarantees you excellent photographic result, to remember forever the most important moments.

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